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Come join members of the The Racial Equity Coalition (REC) in a Race Tool Kit experience. We are a grassroots organization that works towards racial equity in the Rogue Valley. In February 2017, the REC unveiled the Race Tool Kit containing curated activities and video clips that provide entry points into race conversations. Since its release, there have been over fifty race conversations in the Rogue Valley using the Race Tool Kit. The REC, dedicated to racial equity through education and advocacy, believes awareness of racial biases and honest conversations are crucial to healing racial divides in communities.

Dr. Alma Rosa Alvarez is a founding member of the Racial Equity Coalition. She is also a professor of English at Southern Oregon University. Her teaching specialties include U.S. Ethnic Literature and U.S. Modernism. In her spare time, Dr. Alvarez enjoys writing poetry.

Nicthé Verdugo is the Bilingual Organizer with Unite Oregon in the Rogue Valley. During her time in the Rogue Valley, she has supported local initiatives around access to affordable housing, Know Your Rights trainings, and leading the All Are Welcome canvasses that encourage local businesses to stand in solidarity with our refugee communities, immigrant communities, LGBTQ communities, women, Black Lives Matter movement, among other marginalized communities. She has also been part of the Racial Equity Coalition for the past year and has supported the Racial Toolkit conversations in order to move our community closer to having difficult conversations around race; conversations that need to happen in order for change to occur.

Amy Richard is a freelance writer and public relations contractor. Amy continues to do part-time work at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, where she was the Media & Communications Manager for 17 years. In late 2015 she joined the Racial Equity Coalition and worked with its leadership and other members to create The Race Tool Kit to facilitate race conversations among groups in the community.

Candace Younghans – a non-conforming cis-gendered white female, Candace is an ever-evolving social justice ally, meaning one who chooses to intervene. She was born into a multi-racial working class family and raised as a Buddhist in a small, predominantly Mexican American, farm-working community in Central Valley California. Arising from those roots, she considers herself, first and foremost, a Heart Warrior. As a Performance Artist and True Nature Advocate, Candace is dedicated to co-creating brave compassionate spaces for communication – for personal and collective discoveries; for dissolving identity constructs that keep us divided. She regularly hosts social practices such as ‘A Social Mourning Place’ and a series of “heartfelt conversations about emotionally charged issues in community” through her organization, ONEspace for Creative Communication. An early member of Racial Equity Coalition, she was a part of creating the first REC Race Toolkit and has facilitated these conversations in Ashland. She is an organizer of ‘Circle Up For Equity in Triangle Park’ and a volunteer mentor for the burgeoning AHS Wellness Center. She continues learning and believes in embracing the discomfort, the responsibility, the bravery and the humility that comes with being a ‘woke’ white skinned human in the 21st century.

Date & Time: 1:30-3:00pm Friday, April 27

Venue: Rogue Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, Ashland

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